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when you are pooped you are tired. or worn out or lazy.
usually after a long day or heavy excercise.
if you are pooped you:
-cannot be bothered
-have done alot, therefore cannot go on
-just completely worn out!
person 1: hey man, i'm so pooped
person 2: yeah, you had a really big day, yeah?
person 1: zzzzzz
person 2: hello?
beep beep beep....
by leave me alone! August 15, 2005
girl/boy who used to be in your group of friends, but who got annoying. and now he/she isn't getting the hint to go away.
usually people who are so up themselves its undefinable.
friend 1: hey friend 2, want to come to the movies with me?
Friend 2: sure.
hang about: can i come too?
friend 1: no...i dont like you...
hang about: hahaha (uncontrollable laughing) your...your soo funny! lets go get some lunch
friend 1 and 2 have now run off.
by leave me alone! August 15, 2005

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