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1 definition by leandrah

Maybe by statistics one of the richest states, but has a very large ghetto population. either you in a farm community, which is the richer section, or you in a city...which is most likely ghetto. ive never been to a city in ct that didnt atleast have one area wit moderatly high crime. some of the many ghettos: hartford, new haven, bridgeport, stamford, middletown, east hartford, and there is a farming town, portland, who has a lot of poverty, ghettos, and white trash. Also home to many italians and puerto ricans.
Are you from Connecticut?

Yeah Why?

Oh man you rich you from Fairfield or suttin?

Nah, Bridgeport.

Oh...shit do you have a gun? ::runs away::
by leandrah September 26, 2005
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