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2 definitions by leah-anne-z

a giant african approaches you at a seedy party with seedy intentions. he grabs your arm and, with a seedy glint in his eye, he says," ey". he nods his gangster hoodie in your direction and continues," wunnuh pesh?" you then run away laughing until you wee yourself.
you can use this in any situation, e.g. when taking the mickey outa old striddy, when tuning a hottie at a pulse or bluelight or, when giving an impression of a gangster from inala.

ey wunnuh pesh?
by leah-anne-z August 14, 2006
anything that isnt wonderful
stateschool people, gangsters (usually stateschool people aswell which is bonus seedage), dirty busses, seedy places; inala, woodridge, train stations and drunk southbank hobos.
by leah-anne-z August 14, 2006