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dust nuggets is when a guy/girl grabs the crotch and strokes it gently until his/her nuts have been dusted. Also reffered to as old man balls. Or the scratching of the crotch.
"Man did you see that chick dusting nuggets?"

"Well Jebodia in the city people dust nuggets 24/7"

"Well Billy if you come in my house I'll let you dust my nuggets" inspired by the creepy old guy on famly guy
by leah b and shelby f May 31, 2009

The word sjzzy means to ejaculate or explode due to massive sexual intercourse or checkin out that ass
"Man Mrs. Harts fine husband makes me sjzzy my pants."

"DAMM, that girl so fine I want to sjzzy in her booty."

"Man shut the fuck up before I sjzzy in your face."
by leah b and shelby f May 30, 2009
Often used in mindless rants, bodidley can replace any word, mainly any profain word.
"Man I'm gunna slap the bodidley out of you."

"You big sack of bodidley."

"I'd like to bodidley in your butthole."
by leah b and shelby f May 31, 2009
HD comes from sexual intercourse with technological devices
"Dude that chick has HD she screwed a dvd player"

"He got so into the Wii he contracted HD and died...FAG!"

"She's such a slut man, she has so many HD's, one from the toaster, another from her PSP, hell even from an 8 track!"
by leah b and shelby f May 31, 2009
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