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An anomynous chat service, sort of like an improved version of chatroulette where you can select either webcam or text chat. This website is a great boredom killer but most of the stuff people say is either Asl (Age, sex, location) or male/female.
You: Hello!
Stranger: asl
You: not telling

You: Hello
Stranger: M/F?
You: Male
That's Omegle for you.
by le penis head April 29, 2010
A genre of Electronic Dance Music which used to be cool until it became mainstream and just a contest to see who can make the filthiest drop.
Person 1: Who are your favourite dubstep artists?
Person 2: Skream, Benga, Nero, Cookie Monsta... what about you?
Person 1: Skrillex and borgore
Person 2: You suck
by le penis head August 03, 2011
A fate worse than death that both Google, youtube and many other sites have suffered.
Selling out to AD's, sponsors and copyright companies all for the sake of money slowly killing the internet.
Google (1998) No AD's, sponsored virus links safe and fast browsing.
Google (2010)
Billions of AD's, slow and ugly.
Same with youtube.
Sold out!
by le penis head February 26, 2010
A shortened term for "I love you" used on IM programs such as MSN, Skype, aim and facebook for people too lazy to say I love you.
In english when people say ily they mean "My friends dared me to ask you out but i'll make out with you and dump you after 2 days not considering your feelings.
by le penis head March 19, 2010
A woman who hangs around the street corners in GTA 3 dressed in skanky clothes designed to be beaten with baseball bats and have her wallet stolen.
Hey dude! yesterday i was playing GTA and hired a prostitute...
Really? What did you do? *wink*
I beat her to death with a baseball bat.
by le penis head January 27, 2010
a website where people post either Similar Or Smartarse Comments on Words (usually made up) And they get Featured.
Then it gets sent to the editors and if it is paying out something they like they do not let you publish it...

...The urban dictionary is awesome though!
If this gets word of the day i will jump off a cliff (maybe)
The Urban Dictionary FTW!!!
by Le Penis Head October 14, 2009
A store whore is Someone who spends hours in stores practically torturing themselves staring at things they will never be Able to buy because they are so expensive!
Ray spent 3 hours in an apple retail store staring at a 20# Imac...
"What a store whore"
by le penis head November 19, 2009

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