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A person that works for a hotel or hotline who sets up reservations. The daily job responsibilities can range anywhere from dinner, tours, hotels, airlines, spa appointments, escort services, transportation to and from seedy areas of town to purchase illegal substances and/or prostitutes, setting up amenities to be delivered to a gentleman's mistress and himself in their room that his wife will call and inquire about because it appears on her credit card statement (though the concierge is held to strict privacy policies and will be unable to divulge said information), regular and routine disinfecting of work surfaces to prevent the spread of Hepatitis C, and manicures.

Furthermore, concierges are not responsible for preventing spouses from finding out whether or not his or her partner is cheating. They are not considered "private investigators" and should not be asked things such as "Who is that little TRAMP staying in the room with my husband? I demand to know the truth, I am his WIFE." However, just because it is not in the concierge's job description does not mean that the concierge will not have to perform many different duties such as "covering up for cheating husbands" or "dodging creeps looking to score a date with the concierge".
So when I checked into the hotel I asked the concierge if she wanted to go on a date with me. She said she wasn't allowed to go out with guests. So I told her that I was looking for someone that wasn't an expensive date and asked if one of her girlfriends wanted to go out with a rich sugar daddy for the evening. She said she wasn't comfortable assisting me in such endeavors. I think I'm going to talk to her general manager about how she refused me and my untouched penis service.
by le concierge November 28, 2010

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