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a sudden burst and outpouring of ideas, thoughts, creativeness, or conversation topics, often followed by a severe lack thereof.
"Why'd you dump him?"

"He was boring. He blew his whole thought wad on our first date, then had nothing."

by lcritterl January 16, 2008
inability to function properly
She blew me so hard I was completely unfunctionable for hours afterwards.
by lcritterl January 07, 2008
The slurred, mixed up and incomprehensible speech from a child which only their parents, close relatives and other parents can understand and think is adorable.
lil Emily: Kree-yer, wigo da orange an tock da neemos?

(child falls to the floor and begins spinning)

Critter: Uh...I think I need a kidbberish translation here.

teh Mom: They want you to take them to the ocean so they can talk to the fish....isn't that just soooo cute?!? They call the fish 'neemos' like Finding Nemo!! *proud glow*
by lcritterl February 25, 2008
When you press your lips to another person's skin and blow, making a flatulent sound. Usually performed upon a cheek, belly or breast.
I was snuggling with Kris and couldn't resist giving her tummy a boozawanger!
by lcritterl January 06, 2008
Term for a member of the generation of children raised in the Screen Age, specifically ones savvy with touchscreen devices such as iPads and iPhones.
Kris' 7 year is old is such a screen-ager, she doesn't even know what a crayon is!
by lcritterl July 19, 2011
A term used to describe a close 2nd place finish. Also used to describe an event which doesn't live up to the hype or hopes of the media.

Named for the 2010 U.S. Olympic Hockey team's silver medal finish a the Winter Olympics. The match-up was commonly compared and hyped as the next Miracle on Ice but fell just short of Gold as the U.S. lost to Canada in overtime.

alternate spelling Nearacle on Ice
I hope this year's Super Bowl lives up to the hype and isn't another Nearicle on Ice.
by lcritterl March 16, 2010
A more current and specific denotation of the Digital Age where the use of personal computers has shifted to a prevalence of mobile touch-screen & flat screen devices.

The shift signifies a greater acceptance of digital media & communication and the desire to have access to the internet & one's personal media collection while on the go.
C'mon grandpa, get off that PC and join the Screen Age, already!
by lcritterl July 19, 2011

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