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Also known as "The LC" and commonly referred to as "The Bubble." Where the kids are impossibly good-looking and it's not out of place for a girl to total a luxury car more than a couple times driving home drunk from a house party only to have it replaced by a newer, more expensive model. Everyone loads up on the APs and has a huge sense of entitlement when it comes to education and money. Boys go out of their way when asking girls to dances. Cheesy puns and flowers are a must ("Out of all the fish in the sea, will you go to Homecoming with me?). Many residents are third or fourth generation La Canada. Couture is abundant at La Canada High School - whatever is the latest or most expensive, expect it to be seen at LCHS. Every year there are several coined phrases that are all the rage. These colloquialisms make sense to only those from La Canada - it seriously is like a foreign language cooler than any those from outside will create. Real estate is insane as everyone wants to move here for the school district. Even the tiniest house will have a starting price of at least 2 million.
"La Canada was blacklisted from the Rose Court this year because too many LCers were super shitfaced at the Rose Ball. They couldn't even point out individual people - La Canada as a whole got wasted."
by lcgirlie October 17, 2007

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