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The perfect accompaniment for Cool Beans
Ben: See at the gig then.
Dave: Cool beans.
Ben: Awesome sauce.
by lbr11 September 04, 2011
The single person in a group who rejects a joke as unfunny, while all others regard it as devastatingly funny and potentially capable of causing 6 million people to die of laughter.
Often someone who is generally considered to have a poor or weak sense of humour.
Phil: Dave didn't laugh once during that Flight of the Conchords show
Harry: I know man, what a lolocaust denier
by lbr11 April 28, 2011
Casual slang for two-thirty in the afternoon, as in Tooth-Hurty.
Can be used to arrange meet-ups at two-thirty in the presence of others who you do not want to attend. However, it only caters for a very small region of time.
Bob: Alright, see you at chinese dentist.
Phil: Nice one.
Alex: What? Where's the chinese dentist?
by lbr11 October 03, 2011
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