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LBD - (el-bee-dee)-1. a pro-noun - a name for one who cries uncontrolibly while throwing tempertantrums, usually caused from the breakup of a fat-beesh.
-2. LBD, an acronym for Little Baby Deich, One of the founding members of Fat Life.
-3. LBD, verb. one who crys a way out of a situation.
ex. But I dont want to go...I dont feel good...I think i'll just LBD it tonight.
-4. LBD, ones whos motto's include, Old enough to pee, old enough for D... 08 or 80...are the only girls I go out with. Grass on the field! play ball!
1. Mike was being an LBD, one Sunday afternoon when his Fat-Beesh did not return his phone call, he cried more than a Gold Digger who signed a prenupt.
2. Max says,"hey guys I hear someone crying in the restroom better check it out".
Shawn says,"Don't worry max, its just LBD, someone get the midol and scubba gear, im going in".
by lbd qq January 01, 2007

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