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Twitjack: to tweet the stranger beside you who you happen to notice is also using Twitter.
The girl standing next to me on the train was tweeting on her iPhone so i glanced over and saw that her username was TweetieGirl... so i tweeted "hey @TweetieGirl i like the red sweater you're wearing. hot." My twitjack totally freaked her out.
by lazysupper June 02, 2010
Twitbomb: to have your followers send a barage of tweets to the person you just twitjacked.

Hey guys @Stan just twitjacked this girl on the train. Everybody send @TweetieGirl a message and twitbomb the hell out of her.

"Hey @TweetieGirl, that's a nice red sweater you're wearing. This train is packed!" #twitbomb
by lazysupper June 02, 2010
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