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it's complicated - any relationship that's not OK..

- fear of being called single

- holding on to something that's about to end

- still hoping to work things out

- in denial stage of separation
i thought you and your boyfriend split up.. why does your fb relationship status say's "it's complicated?"
by lazy laila February 06, 2010
- a condition of people having negative feelings for


- a state of mind that usually occurs on later hours of


- a manner of feeling unmotivated, lazy, etc. to face


- a fear that brings unhappy thoughts for the coming days

(Monday- Friday)

especially when you are expecting to do task

overtime because of too much work load.. and your

trying hard to beat deadlines.

- also suffered by real students
" I'm not interested to do anything for the moment, I'm on a weekday phobia mode! "
by lazy laila January 17, 2010
a reflex, any automatic, unthinking, often habitual behavior of posing response to a camera flash.

noting or pertaining to an involuntary response such as smiling and dropping everything just to strike a pose for photo opportunity.
At the middle of a live television interview she suddenly exhibit the flash pose syndrome..

my friend is suffering from a flash pose syndrome, her world stops at a camera flash.
by lazy laila November 29, 2011
a state of being so busy yet being busy can't get you anywhere..

buying time,

unproductively busy,

on relationships - being boyfriend / girlfriend for 5 years and up
hey want to join us for coffee?

sorry can't come, i'm busy..

busy with what? your video games?

i just wonder when will u be off from your rocking chair mode?

How long have you been with your boyfriend now?

uhhmm.. long enough to be considered as a rocking chair mode
by lazy laila May 11, 2011
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