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The study of the evolution of bros. Starting from Bromo Erectus to Bromo Sapien. The scientists who study Brotology are known as Brotologists. The study is usually conducted by observing bros in their natural habitat, from their dwellings to their mating ground i.e. Clubs, Bars, Parties, and Work, etc.
Guy 1: Hey what are you going to major in?
Guy 2: I think im going to get my Phd in Brotology, i get paid to watch guys party, and watch them have sex with some fine ass bitches.
Guy 1: Damn where do I sign up for that?!
by lazboy105 November 24, 2009
A bro with an erectus, usually found in the presence of a couple fine ass bitches.
Dude i went to the strip club last night and i walked in a Bromo Sapien but walked out a Bromo Erectus.
by lazboy105 November 24, 2009
One bro groping another bro, no homo.
The other day i was at my bros house and i was grabbing some chips and i accidently broped him, it was awkward for a bit but then i said no homo so its cool.
by lazboy105 November 24, 2009
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