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Similar to OMG (Oh My God), a difference in semantics (or typo), makes AMG similar to Ah My God, or Ah Mah Gah.
AMG, I r teh 1337!!!one!!!eleven!!one!11!
by Laz November 16, 2004
George W. Bush
Wow, that guy's a G Dub
by Laz April 04, 2004
The act of a person of another race speaking with an accent they believe blacks speak with.
The way Justin Timberlake speaks when he’s not on “Punked”

See also Christina Aguilera and Pink
by Laz January 28, 2004
A full-fledged society woman.
Who does she think she is? Besides a beautiful big shot sassiety pigeon with a coupla zillion bucks?
by Laz January 09, 2005
similar to "dis dick" - look up "dis dick"
example in context?
person a) how much is 2 + 2?
person b) 4
a) congrats, you just won a sacadeez!
b) saca..what?
a)sacadeez nuts!
by laz October 06, 2004
Awesome, cool, phat
That cheeseburger was sure bongalicious.
by Laz January 09, 2004
What someone is when they suck a dick so hard they pull the skin right off.
Malcolm sucked the dick so hard the skin came off. He got Malcolm'd.
by Laz November 23, 2004

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