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Bare Knuckle boxing is a slang term for participating in sex without using any protection, resulting in skin on skin contact. Similar to boxing without gloves.
Hey Chandler you really should use a condom bare knuckle boxing can lead to pregnancy.
by laysiege January 08, 2010
creating a carmel apple requires a man to engage in sexual intercourse with a woman while she is menstruating. Before ejaculating the male removes his phallus from the vagina and then without wiping off the blood he inserts his phallus in the anus, to cover it with a "carmel coating." After, the man inserts his penis to the females mouth.
Dude I made the best carmel apple the other day, and Sally actually ate it!!!
by laysiege June 23, 2010
Buffalo hunting is a urination game that involves an unflushed large piece of poo; in which the man or woman who is urinating attempts to slice the piece of poo in half or into multiple pieces with their stream of urine. The game is more often and more effectively played by males.
Hey! Dane didn't flush, who wants to go buffalo hunting?
by laysiege September 20, 2010
A roadside-rhino is an overweight, hitchhiking woman, who offers filatio for the ride.
Guy 1: Hey should we pick up this roadside-rhino?
Guy 2: Yeah she may be big, but she'll definitely give head.
by laysiege June 23, 2010

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