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1 definition by laxmiddie94

DeBot is a bot written by dab, a member on TBN (thebotnet.com). DeBot is a bot that responds to multiple commands. These commands can be helpful, or random and pointless.
Every command that DeBot responds to is preceded with "!".

DeBot takes advantage of:
PHP 5.3.0 (cli) (built: Sep 21 2009 04:05:35)

Zend Engine v2.3.0.

Example of DeBot's commands:
!check username (checks a username on thebotnet.com forum)
!fire (issues a response from DeBot that is much like a song ...)
!track tracking number (DeBot will find, and alert about a package in shipping by UPS)
!define query (searches the DeBot database for the query term)
!define query = definition (updates the existing, or nonexistent DeBot database entry for the query term).
DeBot was on thebotnet.com IRC, and I used him as a source of entertainment.
by laxmiddie94 February 10, 2010