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1 definition by laxman95

A pass usually in a contact sport such as football, lacrosse and hockey, that usually leaves the receiver of the pass injured because they were trying to receive the pass and while concentrating on the pass got the shit knocked out of them. This often occurs in football when the quarter back throws a lob and the receiver is concentrated on catching the ball and the safety comes and hits him very hard. Also occurs in lacrosse and hockey. Most hospital passes are justified as a legitimate attempt to win the game, while some are for that one person on the team you really hate and hope they get injured trying to receive this pass. Common injuries resulting from hospital passes are Conclusion and loss consciousness, broken ribs, and bruises.
Play by play man: And Tom Brady takes the snap, he throws a high lob to randy moss. . . and . . . oh my goodness randy moss just got knocked out. That was one heck of a hospital pass by Tom Brady. I hope Randy Moss recovers
by laxman95 November 02, 2009