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A person that has enough balls to guard a 6' by 6' net while only using his body and his stick to lead his team to victory. Lacrosse goalies are always willing and daring to put themself in the path of a 5 ounce solid rubber ball traveling at speeds in excess of 100+ mph to stop a shot. Not everyone can be a lacrosse goalie. The position requires extreme amounts of cordination, skill, and bravery. Lacrosse goalies wear little amounts of protection compared to other positions or other contact sports. The only position for a real champ on a lacrosse team.
A real man that isn't afraid to take a hit that leaves a black and blue mark the size of a dinner plate on the inside of their leg. A real leader of the team and a person that isn't afraid of anything. Someone is says... Pain goes away, Victories last a lifetime, and chick dig scars. And that is what a lacrosse goalie is.
by laxgoalie6 December 24, 2008
getting promoted from captain obvious to general obvious because you always point out the obvious all the time.
Bob always points out that he has no arms and legs. Thanks general obvious. You point out everything that is obvious so you have been promoted. congradulations.
by laxgoalie6 December 12, 2008
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