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2 definitions by laxbro

Abbreviation for "needle-dry handjob." Usually an act performed by girls no better than above average looking (or lower) who are often fake-drunk sluts. The end result leaves the victim feeling like his dick has been run through a wood chipper.
Bro A: Dude sick hu the other night, bet you got your dick wet.
Bro B: Nah man, awful NDHer. I got shredded, prob out of commission for a week.
by laxbro April 07, 2008
some fag on Lax.com commented a hundred times saying what the snerp. i would assume it means "what the fuck" or " what the hell"
Person 1:i just fucked you mom
Son: What the snerp bra?!!?
by Laxbro May 08, 2013