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an event, decision, or circumstance that causes such harm, it forces an entire country's populous to drastically rethink its station in life while simultaneously causing not only the collapse of that populous' entire country both economically and emotionally, but collaterally damaging the financial markets and economies of the smallest fledgling countries to buckle, implode on themselves and ultimately ... cease to exist.
Bob: "Man, that game was a real bushtastrophe."

Carl: "Well, hey, lets not go that far."

Bob: "Yeah, you're right. That would require a team steeped in historic tradition to throw away all of its proud memories, simultaneously retire and take up badminton, while coincidentally bringing down the entire league in steroid scandals, nearly irreparably damaging the city that has lovingly supported it for the past fifty-years."

Carl: "There ya go. They're not the Oakland Raiders for Christ's sake."

Bob: "You know what they need to do?"

Carl: "What's that sir?"

Bob: "Make a black guy owner, shake things up."

Carl: "Whoa now, slow down there ace. I'll settle for $2 cheaper beer and a competent free agent signing."

Bob: "Hey, it could happen. At least they're not the Raiders."

Carl: "Thank God for that Bob, thank God for that."
by lawpimp77 January 21, 2009
Someone of such amazing douchebaggery that two derogatory terms for females are necessary to properly explain how much you do not enjoy their company, input or otherwise general existence.
Wow, your friend is an enormous cunttwattington. Don't ever invite him to one of our parties. In fact, just pretend he died.
by lawpimp77 January 09, 2009

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