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Avalia is a band that hails from Matthews, NC. They claim to sound like Chiodos and The Devil Wears Prada, but we all know that this is a lie.
Guy one: "Hey man, did you go to the Avalia concert last night? They sound just like Chiodos and The Devil Wears Prada."
Guy two: *bursts out laughing*
by lawlstothewall September 17, 2007
The funniest scandal in American history. Also a famously hilarious hotel in Washington, D.C.
Aide: Sir, we're all set to spy on the Democrats at the Lollergate Hotel.
Nixon: OMGWTFBBQ! We @m winnar!
Aide: Sir... What if this goes wrong? You could be impeached!
Nixon: Nevar! Mwa! Teh Amerikan peepols luv me! Lollergate will be teh downfall uv teh Dems!
by lawlstothewall September 17, 2007
The most amazing console ever. Totally put the beatdown on the sucktacular PS3. Also has fantastic online play. It has been known to greatly increase sex appeal.
Stupid guy: d00d i t0t411y g07 a p53 and n0w 1m s0 k3wl
Smart guy: STFU, nub. Get a real console. *holds up Xbox 360*
by lawlstothewall September 18, 2007
A male poet. Someone who writes poems and has a Y chromosome.
Edgar Allen Poe is an awesome moet.
by lawlstothewall September 19, 2007

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