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marijuana is a beautiful, fragrant drug with some hallucegenic and depressant qualities. the marijuana plant has buds chock full of THC (tetrahydracannibal) the active ingredient that wen put into the blood stream (usually through the lungs) give it's user a relaxed, creative, and euphoric state of mind that almost feels like a different world.

good effects (summerized):
those who smoke marijuana have a greater appriciation for things like food, peacefullness, music, and philosphy.

some bad effects:
- paranoia. those who smoke in an environment where they feel insecure (talking to cops, a crowded party etc.) may become paranoid depending upon their personality. you can defeat paranoia by telling yourself just to relax because its never as bad as it seems. this is probably the worst effect of marijuana.

- hangovers. for some, the day after smoking marijuanna, they go into withdrawl, and may feel tired, bored, sick, or just burnt out. half of this is psychological, caused by the sudden change in state of mind, from being high, to coming down to normalcy. an easy way to get rid of this is to just chill out, or smoke more marijuana.

- heart rate. nowadays especially, the high THC levels have a side effect of increased heart rate. this is ironic however, becuase the effect of marijuana on your brain tells you to relax, while your body is ready for action. this may be a weird experience if u pay attention to it, but usually your heart calms down after awhile. if you have heart problems, marijuana is not advised.

- stomach ache. food will never taste as good as when your high (or have been starving for days). thus, you may not relize you have been eating nothing but junk food for the last hour and you may get a pretty bad stomach ache.

- introspective thoughts. marijuana will cause you to think much differently, this may be disired or undisired (even scary at times). you tend to think about things that you may have never thought about in the past. write down your thoughts. when you come down from your high, youll be surprised at what you wrote.

- sleepiness. marijuana can lul you into a deep and restful sleep if you stop doing things that are stimulating. if you watch tv while high, your bound to fall asleep. some people even report having crazy dreams when there high. though usually this isnt a bad effect.

thats pretty much the skinny on marijuanna. its a very safe and positive drug. many look down on marijuanna becuase they want to avoid the "stoner" persona. just be yourself. marijuana cannot control your personality. however it may effect your perspective.
i feel like floating on a cloud tonight
- i hear that, lets blaze some marijuana.
by lawllawllawllawl October 01, 2006
nougat is a relatively new word that refers to a high grade, potent marijuana, usaully haze. the word stemed from the word nugget, which refers to any type of marijuana
"i am hallucenating right now!"
-"how many shrooms did u eat?"
"none. i just blazed some fuckin nougat!"
by lawllawllawllawl October 01, 2006

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