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a way of coping with stress / anger / emotional pain. Often ascosiated with goths / emos. However, it is a way of coping and should be taken seriously.
the death of her father caused her to cut herself
by lauz March 19, 2005
a Gypsy, or traveller.
uummm... the pikies are in the pikie camp?
by Lauz July 14, 2004
To be used in place of the word leave.
'Lets skip town and run forever'
'Skip him'
'Skip her'
'skip that'
by Lauz January 21, 2006
To cause uproar and quarrel with another, or to express a feeling of annoyance and fury in a heated argument.
person #1 says: oit i aint taking none of your shit
person #2 says: dont start getting all bajigedi with me
by Lauz October 03, 2003
great mate
luv im to bits
great at swimmin (dolfin boi)
always makes me giggle
one in a mil xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mwah mwah
hi si u lil bugger i dnt no wat els to put xxxxxx
by lauz February 03, 2005
A term used to describe an ugly female middle aged member of the AA.
Often caught sniffing round the backs of clubs, dressed in little more than a little fluffy lilac number, the size of a handkerchief.
what a munter!!!
by Lauz October 03, 2003
I need to go for a parney
by Lauz August 05, 2003

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