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Dang is a word that was originally used by southerners. It was instead of saying damn because... I don't know why.
That dang cat keeps getting out.
by Laurence June 17, 2004
Incubus is a demon that rapes women in their sleep. It is to put in simple terms, the male form of the succubus.

Incubus is also an amazing rock band. They have not only amazing music, but great lyrics and vocals that tie it all together. Over the years they have been changing and evolving, but they have yet to release anything disappointing to their fans.
I am seeing Incubus in concert!

Girl: Ouch... My vagina aches...
Boy: It was the Incubus, I swear... (whistles innocently)
by Laurence April 15, 2004
An extremely talented new band formed by former Ensiferum member Jari Mäenpää. They play extremely good fast folk/melodeath/power metal. Their first album, the self titled "Wintersong" features only Jari playing every instrument except drums and Kai Hahto playing drums.
1: Did you get that Wintersun album?
2: Hell yeah, they rock!
by Laurence March 16, 2005
Dont trust anybody. Slogan for WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin
I killed a hoe D.T.A. mother fucker!
by Laurence October 24, 2004
the act of when someone is high or drunk.
man: im so frizzed right now i can barely talk, u?
me: of course, would i be anything else?
man: nahhhh, straight edged people are shits to shit on when i show them my crack...
me: haha, crack in like what i am frizzed off of right now and butt crack
man: i know im hilar
by Laurence March 06, 2005
One of the best metal bands to come around in years. Their music is brutal and devastating and rocks.
Did you get the new Lamb Of God album "As The Palaces Burn"?
by Laurence April 15, 2004
wicked awesome, cool.
man: that shirt is way uber gravy
me: ha i know, who do you think i am?
man: yo mamma
me: that was not uber gravy man, not uber gravy.
by Laurence March 06, 2005
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