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1 definition by laurenbethiak

A soulfriend is someone you mind giving your last piece of chicken to, but you give it them anyway. Its someone who you also consider your sister. Someone who doesnt mind that your messed. Someone you rely on. Someone you moan with about random shizz. Someone you dont even have to say 'dont tell anyone' cause they just wont anyways. Someone who knows you better than anyone else. Someone whose always there, when needed or not ha. Someone you write a huge paragraph for cause you love them. Someone who likes cheese and chocolate. Someone who has a big head and bigger hair. Someone who steals your laptop. Someone whose mum says thankyou alot. Someone you reply first to on fb chat even though its something stupid like hvkjhzjdhf. Somene who called you a soulmate at first, as they didnt realise. Someone who makes you laugh, when others make you cry. Someone who will say weird things that maybe normal people shouldnt say, but dont even think twice about it. Someone who explains sex like the oaky koaky and dances and sings it in a bus stop on a very windy and rainy day, just to make you happy :)! Someone who likes to say JUST FOLD IT IN HALF. Someone who im gonna stop typing shizz about. And just say i love my soulfriend a hell of a lot and you better like this. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

btw i probs made mistakes, they are on purpose;)

erm yeah my soulfriend.
by laurenbethiak February 03, 2011