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reunions (family reunions)
"my family r's always suck. i have one this weekend in west virginia."
by lauren August 31, 2003
used when someone says something wrong or is tricked
Tracy: What time is it?
Susie: 9:30
Tracy: No it aint its 8:30
Tracy: O, kilt
by lauren April 03, 2005
"i'm having a party this weekend- my p's are out of town."
by lauren August 31, 2003
that would be the birth defect that brings us those boys... just kidding.. i love guys!
guys have y chromosones and girls have x
by lauren November 15, 2004
part of the east coast's infamous "emo trio" (NJ, PA, MD/DC) from which a lot of the country's best emo bands come. also a lot of the country's crappiest, but oh-bloody-well.
Jacob's heart-wrenching voice and lyrics are making an appearance up in PA this weekend...anyone interested?
by Lauren February 19, 2003
1. F.A.R.- stands for Fat Ass Ride, an acronym meaning car. ("whos far are we taking today?")
2. synonymous with "long ass" or "a fucking hike"- a word used mostly by stoners to describe a walking distance of over about 3 feet. ("hey mike, get me a beer." "get your own fucking beer- the fridge is fucking far away.")
by lauren August 31, 2003
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