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Formally known as the word "deuces". Meaning; Peace out, Bye, Have a great day, I'm out of here. You hold up four fingers while doing it.
"Alright yall I'm out, Quads!"
by Lauren January 31, 2004
to kiss with tongues.
"ben and i kissed ice cream for the first time last night."
by lauren August 30, 2003
G.G. stands for green gas. The name that i gave my boyfriend when he farted in the middle of church
John you are such a G.G.! ! ! ! ! But I love ya
by Lauren July 02, 2003
a person that is half pig and half skunk
look at that huzzy, he stinks and hasnt showered forever. i think he has worn those clothes for 7 weeks now.
by lauren June 10, 2003
When you have a really old cat and he/she has lost the ability to excrete properly, and they do a poo but still has a dag (a bit of poo) hanging on.
"Hey, look, Whiskas has a dag!"
by Lauren May 01, 2005
i dont know where it is from. It means that you have a girl or boy u like, but u arent with them. u just have fun with them and kiss them and shyt. its like being together but having other people to be with.
you want to be my kik?
by lauren February 28, 2005
as in Random I'd like to fuck. Referring to random hot men you see, and can't determine whether they are a dad(to call DILF)
Hey guys...9 o'clock RILF
by LaUrEn November 16, 2003

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