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335 definitions by lauren

Abercrombie is for sluts that want skirts up their ass and skimpy shirts that show your boobs
Abercrombie + Models= Nudest colony
by lauren February 04, 2005
tea made out of steeped poppy seeds, drunk to get one high
"shit, i'm all outta mary jane. you wanna brew some poppy tea?"
by lauren August 30, 2003
howdy form of hello mainly used in America however sed by people in Scarborough aswel.
e.g Howdy berni u ok?
by lauren April 10, 2005
i dont know where it is from. It means that you have a girl or boy u like, but u arent with them. u just have fun with them and kiss them and shyt. its like being together but having other people to be with.
you want to be my kik?
by lauren February 28, 2005
refers to a g-string, especially when it's showing.
hey girl! you're ass is nasty; we don't want to see any of your floss!
by Lauren February 06, 2003
When you have a really old cat and he/she has lost the ability to excrete properly, and they do a poo but still has a dag (a bit of poo) hanging on.
"Hey, look, Whiskas has a dag!"
by Lauren May 01, 2005
Someone who drinks a lot of alcohol is called "bottle"
"He's a bottle"
by Lauren July 24, 2003