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what little miss muffet ate
"eating her CURDS and whey"
by lauren September 02, 2003
a guy who is not well endowed
"uhh hey there stubby.. u want me to do wat??"
by lauren September 01, 2003
Where I live, thanks

There are ugly houses, yes; spoiled brats, yes; yet there are a bunch of cool kids I know who happen to not have a whole lot of money, and even if they do, they don't flaunt it.
When we moved to Dix Hills I expected everyone to be a bitch, but they were pretty aiight
by lauren June 16, 2006
yall ( you or you guys) aint(are not)
yaint going there tonight?
by lauren December 11, 2003
aka vag, choacha.
Sarah whips out her choach when she gets drunk at parties.

Sarah teaches girls how to shave their choach.
by lauren October 05, 2003
"gimme a beejer?"
by lauren August 30, 2003
ohhh, you just got shutdown, like you just got totally insulted or proven wrong.
person A: "China is SO the capital of Thailand."
person B: "nu-uh!"
person A: "yuh-huh! ask person C."
person C: "actually, BANGKOK is the capital of thailand."
person B: "ohhh, shutdown!"
by lauren August 31, 2003

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