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to spike (ones) hair into several tall peaks, like the statue of liberty, by use of gell or wax
"wow joel your hair looks awesome liberty spiked!"
by lauren August 31, 2003
I was born here in Alabama and proud of it...everyone thinks alabama is full of racism and REDNECKS. That is wrong. I have traveled to many places around the US and believe me...there are REDNECKS and racism everywhere.If alabama is sooo bad...why are my friends from up north moving down here to escape urban life???? mmm....
War Eagle-Hey !!!!!!
by Lauren November 29, 2003
J-lo plus Ben equals who the hell cares.
Bennifer. Yippee.
by lauren November 06, 2003
a guy who is not well endowed
"uhh hey there stubby.. u want me to do wat??"
by lauren September 01, 2003
too bad
"lost your job? that's bad business."
by lauren August 30, 2003
Geetarist from HIM. Geetarist and vocals of Daniel Lioneye. Sexy MMmmmm....
Smexxeh lindeh pooooo!
by Lauren September 19, 2004
yall ( you or you guys) aint(are not)
yaint going there tonight?
by lauren December 11, 2003

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