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2 definitions by laurathealien

1. Cockelowna, cockelowning, derivitive of the word "peacockelowna;" to masturbate in tears pathetically in utter lonelyness. To feel completely desperate and ashamed with oneself during the act of masturbation.

2. To cockalona, to rape a loner. (irish slang)
1. john: i haven't been feeling well recently, i have a bad case of cockelowna.

2. eric: yeee i was cockin'alona last night.
by laurathealien September 01, 2009
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A synonym for an STI that induces cheese-like secretions.
Cornelius: "Yeah I'm going over to Jen's house."
Jordan: "Be careful dude, I heard she's dangerously cheesy.."
by laurathealien September 29, 2009
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