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To lust after a beardyweirdy for no good reason other than they are sporting unusual facial hair
Paul is usually such an ugly fucker but he looked quite hot last night, I think I've got Beardoration. Hopefully he'll have a shave before I shag him
by laurab193 May 08, 2011
When a great night is being had by all except one, who is so utterly wankered that he/she has to be taken home early for fear that they may shit themselves
Steve "Urrrgh, I don't remember anything from last night"

John "I'm not surprised, you'd polished off a whole bottle of vodka by 10.30pm and Pete had to carry you home as you looked like you were going to lose faecal continence again"

Pete "Yeah, what a Party Poopster, I was all set to pull that bird with the massive rack, you git"
by laurab193 May 08, 2011
To dance in a ridiculous fashion until you can’t breathe properly through over-exertion or laughing.

To create mayhem and 'ham it up' on the dancefloor.
Did you see us MayHamming last night, I laughed so much I almost peed myself
by laurab193 May 08, 2011
An unusually pleasurable fellatio session sweetened by the application of chocolate sauce to the pork sword.
That BJ was Blowalicious, I'm definitely a sweet vs savory person
by laurab193 May 08, 2011
Two or more seemingly heterosexual female friends, who, are in fact, raving nipple-tweaking lesbians.
Joe "I think Lucy and Jude are Secret Tweakers as neither of them laughed at my hilaroius joke last night"
by laurab193 May 08, 2011
When you are so off your tits you will put anything in your gob.
Jackie "Urrgh crap, I feel so sick this morning"

Jude "That's no surprise dear, given your Obliviation diet last night. You were so wasted you munched your way through five bags of pork scratchings, a half-eaten kebab off the street, a used napkin, a random fella's cock on the bus on the way home and a tub of Vaseline"
by laurab193 May 08, 2011
Unexpected foul-tasting oral contents. Usually fluid.
The warm liquid was so unexpectedly foul-tasting that she almost spat it on to the dinner table; it was a real Bemuse Bouche.
by laurab193 May 08, 2011
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