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1 definition by laura walsh

A area in dublin 16 (knocklyon, rathfarnham etc.) where it is filled with posh snobs that are loaded with cash.
Just like actual d4's they hang out at dundrum where they spend all of their daddy's money in shops like tommy hilfiger, harvey nichols etc.
They are always seen wearin abercrombie, american eagle and hollisters hoodies, aswell as the girls sporting the usual uggs and dubes and the boys wearing brown dubes.
They ALL love rugby and attend the local discos every few weeks (judes, wesley). here they score other people and most likely get drunk.
d4's or d4 squared have a certain way of talking.
For example, instead of using the word 'right' they say roysh and "oh my god" will become OMG!
d4 squared language:
"omg i was loyk out at wesley, roysh, and this totally hot guy came up to me and loyk started to chat me up. after a while, roysh, i scored him and gave him my number! OMG!"
by laura walsh June 23, 2007
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