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ONE OF THE SADDEST MOVIES EVER MADE. with the one of the worst actors ever Vin Deisel.It was used for TRICKING LITTLE BOYS INTO THINKING THERE 1990 HONDA DX OR ANY BOTTOM FEADER ECONO SHIT BOX IS A FUCKING RACE CAR ! ALSO buy putting stickers and a Fart cannon thy think they can do the quarter mile in 5 seconds lol!! usually they are a hatchbacks or have 4 doors of geekness. See ricers and fart cannons ! and posers.Laughed at by real tuners and Muscle car owners or any kind of gear head ! They also often have ganster rap being played by a bunch of white kids... see wigger or fuck stains.
I just saw the "FAST AND FURIOUS" dog and wow home boy I own a race car, That car "G Ma" handed me down is the shit yo lol.... Tis so fast I should put a roll cage in it mofo ! you know 19 seconds of street beast. no what I am saying,I am going to PeP boys or Wal-Mart to buy a fart can and race sticker to change it from a DX to a type R dog !it will give me an extra 1000 hp for real. my civic is da bomb yo ... might get a Naws kit to for real! Guys in electric wheel chairs look out, I will run your ass down you so slow.
by laughs at ricers September 09, 2008

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