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A skinny, lanky dude who eats a lot of unhealthy food but can never get fat. I know ladies, frustrating. He has several weird mood swings throughout the day that you eventually learn to love, after getting annoyed countless times. A Liuis is always outgoing, which if you're in a bad mood will annoy you, watches Bugs Bunny with his sister, yes he has a soft heart, and loves playing musical instruments (haha lol). A typical Liuis wears glasses and often holds his binder like a briefcase, causing people to think he is a successful business man, which he will become. (at least he hopes). Most Liuis experience major back pains while running 6 laps and playing basketball as he is secretly a 90 year old man. (We're not laughing at you, we're laughing at your pain old guy!) Every Liuis has a certain little buddy who is currently actually growing that he loves a lot. Everyday, he and his buddy walks home to be environmentally friendly and bugs anybody who gets a ride home. If you know a Liuis then your life has become 100x better. Liuis never fail to put a smile on your face when you are in your darkest moods. If you know a Liuis, then you should tease him, laugh at his jokes/mood swings, tap his head everyday as this annoys him, and keep him close your heart. He is as true as a friend as you can get. <3
i wanna be a Liuis when I grow up!

Holy crap Liuis, do you eat anything?

Check out that dude, he's as tall as a tree! He must be a Liuis!

Way to save the environment you Liuis!

Ow, my backs killing me. I'm turning into a Liuis!
by laughingdudes December 31, 2012
A decent guy with crazy long mohawky hair. Average height, apparently has an 8 pack. some people are doubtful. Gets all the girls (ehhhh) and can be nice. sometimes. Zubins are true friends that can be there for you. Zubins are in love with Hollister shirts (a huge rip off), an aspiring model maybe? He is amazing at all sports and a hockey fan. Zubins usually hangs out with a mammoth British dude who people think have a fake accent and runs funny, a Greek guy who walks with swag and has a 6 pack, and a Brazillian dude who some think resembles Jean-Baptiste Maunier. Oohhhh, ladies prepare to swoon. Zubins are definately part of an interesting group of friends.
That mohawk makes you look like a Zubin.

Whoah man have you been working out like a Zubin?
by laughingdudes December 26, 2012

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