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(1)Rectum, brown eye, poop chute
(2)A person who's dorkiness level exceeds the acceptable norm
(1)"Dennis has a bunghole."
(2)"Dennis is such a bunghole."
by latisha June 07, 2002
From the Latin root Playamus Hatamus meaning someone who is jealous of a player because he's got mad skills
"Why you got to be a Player Hater? I got game!"
by Latisha June 04, 2002
You're just jealous...
Jerry Springer: "Vikki is here to tell her husband Jason she's really a man."
Audience: "Sit Down He-She, Sit Down He-She!"
Vikki: "DON"T HATE, DON'T HATE!!! You know I look good, DON'T HATE!"
by Latisha June 04, 2002
a slut or hoe that smokes crack; see hoe
Damn. since Vikki has been dating that pothead Chris, shes become a real crackhoe.
by Latisha February 18, 2005
What 2 close hommies that are girls call each other.
"hey hommieana, will you be chillin in the eastside hood tonight with my niggers who be treat'n up bad over thurr?"
by latisha September 10, 2003
Two close friends that are girls
"Hey Hommieana are you going to chill tonight in the eastside hood with my niggers who treaten up bad tonight?"
by latisha September 10, 2003
a euphemism often used to refer to a $25 crack ho who was beaten with the ugly stick
"Don't you be playin my man, you skeezer."
by Latisha June 04, 2002

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