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The stupid round cartoon that makes me want to take the newspaper and tear it up and light it on fire and feed the ashes to my dog. Preaches good "Christian" values such as mispronouncing words, leaving dotted lines behind when you walk, and having creepy dead grandpa ghosts. The characters consist of about 18 moronic kids that are pretty much clones of each other. The writer's like three centuries old and he needs to die.
Claire: What do you have against the Family Circus?
Todd: Okay, you sit down to read your paper, and you're enjoying your entire two-page comic spread, right? And then there's the Family fucking Circus, bottom right hand corner, just waiting to suck. And it's the last thing you read, so it spoils everything you read before it.
Claire: You could just not read it.
Todd: I hate it, yet I'm uncontrollably drawn to it.
by latin guy March 20, 2005

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