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With a stranger:
Fighting words. Used as an insult.

Between friends:
A person who has committed a small act of bitchery. The connotation is similar to that of a bro, brosky, homie, or boy- but this is the girls version.
example one (not friendly)
Girls in a club
Stranger 1: *spills drink on stranger no. 2*
Stranger 2: You wanna go, Bitch-slice?

example two (small act of bitchery between friends)
Friend A: That was your ice cream? Sorry... I kinda ate the last spoon...
Friend B: Ugh, you bitch-slice.

example three (between friends)

Friend 1: WASSSSSSAPPPPP bitch slice?!
Friend 2: AHHHHH QUE PASO!??
by latenightsgreatnights August 03, 2009

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