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4 definitions by last_Assassin

A very large jerkoff-half dinosaur like human of the Upper Cretaceous Period of North America, characterized by having strong wrists and a large head. Also know to some Canadian dwellers as jerkoffskie
Jerkasaurus is owning up!
by Last_Assassin January 14, 2004
The most underappreciated art in the WORLD!
Computerized art draw in a minor PC paint program such as MS-Pait
by last_Assassin January 14, 2004
mIRC whores that idle in game channles just to be cool beacuse of there online time.
Paranoid_Rice in .gamesnet.net
by last_Assassin January 14, 2004
A bad karma like text face made up of a users name in capital letters and a line of brackets colons semi colons and slashes. Used about online to bring bad luck to a user.
I will face you bitch!

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by Last_Assassin January 15, 2004