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3 definitions by larzen

A hoe who keeps switching her pimp
Pimp Mack: Alfonz, damnit, Fonda is leavin again!

Pimp Fonzo: Yeah she is one Choosy Susie!
by larzen October 16, 2007
15 9
When a hooker chooses a new pimp she needs to prove herself by earning some cash and forking it over.
Pimp: Biatch.. if you wan me to pimp you, i need to see what your ass is made of.

Hoe: Aight, I'll make you some money and we'll be breaking bread on Tuesday.
by larzen October 16, 2007
22 52
When a hooker keeps the money she earns from her pimp

Pimp Daddy: Hoe! yo been cuffing my cash! *slap* Dont make me use to pimp stick on you again!
by larzen October 16, 2007
72 189