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When you are mid-coitus and your roommate enters your dorm room. You proceed to jump off your bunk and into a snuggie (preferably mid-air) to tell them to come back later and/or warn them of the horrors going on in the room.
I had to come back to the party because Jennifer snuggie ninjaed me when i got back home. She literally jumped off the bed, tore her snuggie from a hook and jumped right into it before i got 2 steps inside.
by lars one October 04, 2010
what you say to a one night stand when its all over and/or the sentiment on the card you send to a one night stand the next day (usually when there is no intention of seeing them again).

etymology: a play on both "thanks a lot" (for the sex) and that the word "latte" is slang for boner in German.
That guy I met at the bar last night was so good n bed he is definitely getting a "thanks a latte" card tomorrow
by lars one October 04, 2010

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