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A term used in reference to gay male prisoners as an insult to a staight male prisoner.
Hey Meyers!, I heard you 'been fuckin' that gumpy in the shower!
by larry January 18, 2004
The gay way of spelling Tony Montana'z favorite word 4 coke
"Yo man, take manolo n pick up the yayo
by larry July 06, 2003
A horrifically boring place to live. The "line" between upstate New York and downstate New York is the point at which you believe the landscape becomes more rural than what you are used to, so various definitions exist.
You know how upstaters say there's more to New York than New York City? Well what the hell are they talking about?! I go to college at SUNY Binghamton and I swear, there is NOTHING HERE.
by Larry February 28, 2004
christopher badalato end of story. no more to say.
chris, yes, without a doubt, you are a dill hole.
by larry July 27, 2004
Hick Mecca
People in Hancock, Upstate (yes I'm not even giving them the dignity of having 'New York' after their town, I'm from the city) think that Binghamton is a big city.
by Larry February 28, 2004
Shows that the caller has his penis in a vice by the call reciever.
Paul is making the after sex phone call.
by Larry December 17, 2002
Mat is a flaming homo who loves the cock and he is a loner who leeches of
Larry: o shit mats coming lets leave
he might try to stick it in our butts.
by Larry April 13, 2005
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