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When one ejaculates in a person's ear, similar to the Yeerks of Animorphs, which enter a human host through the ear canal.
One time this dude was yeerking the shit out of a girl's ear. She couldn't hear right for a week.
by larl kindberg April 03, 2010
When one does something embarassing, and someone else shouts out "that's so embarassing".
After Evan tripped, Ethan shouted out, "That's so embarassing!".
by larl kindberg April 03, 2010
When one puts two dicks in their mouth and nibbles on them.
Yesterday, my friend took a double lunch.
by larl kindberg April 03, 2010
When you are tipsy and start to eat chips.
Tom was so chipsy the other night he started eating a bag of cheeseburger doritos.
by larl kindberg May 15, 2011
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