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A slang word used by people who are too dim to understand the philosophy behind Waldorf education. I go to a Waldorf school, half my class hates tofu, we didn't even take eurythmy, we obviously know how use computers seeing as i'm writing this now!

Lets see ooohhh yeah, I cooked my dinner in a microwave last night... funny, I didn't find it frightening!

but i do agree with those people who say we are in general, people who like peace, but hell, those people are everywhere! and so are the people who unfortunately don't invest in deoderant!

so just FYI we're normal and i'm glad that i'm comfortable enough with myself to say that i am a waldorfian, and that i don't have to bash people for the school they go to...
you're walking down the isle of the local super market and pass someone wearing tons of peace pins and smells like B.O.

you think: "oh theres a waldorfian"
but just to prove that you right to yourself
you ask: "are you from a waldorf school?"
they answer: "no i go to the local highschool"

example of how people who don't wear deoderant and want peace are everywhere NOT just at waldorf schools
by larkinz March 25, 2008

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