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A Flaming Sex God

A gorgeous person who looks like they came straight out of Greek mythology.

Often described as tan with curly blonde hair and light eyes.
A: "woah did you just see that FSG?"
B: "mmmhmmm I really want to run my fingers throught his curly hair."
A: "yeah... I would do him."
by lard face November 30, 2006
WSG or Washington Street Guy.

A Man who works on his car shirtless often enough that when you drive by you often look to get a glimpse of his tan bod.
And then you drive by him 3 more times.
A: "ohh yeah! Guess who I just saw shirtless?"
B: "Mr. w.s.g. of course."
A: "Lets go drive by three more times!"

by lard face November 30, 2006

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