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underwear, usually male. Sometimes called gauch.
I can't find my gauchies!
My gauchies are too tight.
by lar3ry June 13, 2006
underwear, usually male, sometimes called gauchies
I didn't know she was there, and I came out in my gauch.
Im all out of clean gauch!
by lar3ry June 13, 2006
Many residents of Saskatchewan, and in particular, rural residents, use the phrase "up south" instead of 'down south'.

There does not seem to be a distance involved, as in the 'up south' vs. 'deep south' usage in the southern USA.
He's from up south somewhere.

"Where's Beaver Creek?"
"I think it's up south a ways."
by lar3ry June 14, 2011
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