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Usually with a turkish background, and has hazel/brown eyes.

Has had a lot of trouble in the past, and doesn't seem to be looking forward to the future.

Hes the best to talk too.
He's so nice, and friendly and thoughtful. Although he does tend to come off as a bit rude sometimes, he makes up for it with his good hearted kindness.
He's the cutest kid, with a heart of gold.
He likes to make people smile, usually one girl in particular, and he succeds at that, even if she doesn't let on that hes making her smile.
Cem is the cutest!

I know, hes so sweet!
by lanie! July 15, 2012
billblidge is bling that all your homies and gangsters want.
its the bling that didnt cost much but it looks expensive.
its the bling rings and necklaces and diamonds that shine in the light and make your fellow mates jealous.
everyone wants some decent billblidge!
wow man have you seen his billblindge? its sh'mint man!

im gonna rob some billblidge from da market today, it'll look propa decent with ma trackies and ma new era hat !
by LANIE! August 25, 2007

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