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there is no definition. the word fuck can mean anything. my girlfriend is a fuck. what the fuck. fucktards. fuckheads. one of the most overused and worn out words in the English language, and the first word you teach the foreign exchange student from Mexico. can be used four times in a sentence(my personal record when I'm not trying to set a record) but five is just obnoxious. fuckin urban dictionary fuck you you fuckin flamin ass fuck, fuck you. see? stfu ignorant person. also means to fuck, or to fuck someone. anally. is that how you spell anally. sure. fucking hard word to spell. anal. to engage in fucking relations. your parents fucked. I'll bet my fuckstick. the second most widely used teenage phrase, behind 69.
fuck fucking fuckfaces. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. it sounds dumb when you say it too many times. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. yeah, i've had enough of this fuckin internet urban dictionary, fuck.
by lane heel January 28, 2008
32nd president of the United States, used his New Deal to temporarily solve the economic problems we faced due to the depression, although they worsened our economy in the long run. He did this to win the middle and lower class and get reelected. Also tried to stack the supreme court by increasing the number of judges from 9 to 15 so he could choose judges which would support his politics and get his way. One of our worst presidents.
FDR is a power hungry shit who decided to be an ass and break Washington's two term precident. he is gay and should be punched in the face.
by lane heel January 25, 2008

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