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that band from the Doug show, remember? They did "I need more allowance" and "Killer Tofu"
dude, i remember The Beets.
by Lando July 12, 2003
He is an awesome guy, and if you ever have the pleasure of meeting him I'm sure you'd agree @w@
<Lando> @w@
<Riiko> @w@
by Lando March 15, 2005
what happens when homsar takes over homestar's website.
hey, yo, check out homsarrunner.com, dog.
by Lando July 12, 2003
some MTV show. Also see gay
if i have to see another episode of road rules, i will tear your spinal cord out of your back and strangle you with it.
by Lando July 12, 2003
a dashing, bold, classy, secret agent, and playboy who foils the evil plans of Dr. Nefario and the International Guild of Evil-Doing. I made it up. I need to get out more.
I want to be just like Ace Danger.
by Lando July 12, 2003
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