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What the fuck!??? General phrase to denote total surprise, shock and/or amazement by something or someone profoundly: stupid, kooky, offensive, inconsiderate, or just plain wack - or conversely, total surprise, shock and/or amazement by something or someone profoundly awesome, admirable, hot, or kick-ass - or any combination thereof.
"what da fuh? check out the trampoline! Jackie Treehorn sure knows how to throw a party!"
by lance25 October 21, 2014
to come into a sexual conversation. A sudden interruption of a private conversation regarding sex.
Courtney: "Oh my God! I had the most amazing sex with Lance last night."
Michelle: "What did I tell you? When we were dating, we wouldn't leave the kitchen for days. He..."
Michelle: Your interjaculations make my mouth water...
by lance25 May 20, 2013
- a violent, shaking reaction caused by anything nerdy. Typically, the epicenter is some idiot who, due to popular culture, is attempting to be cool by being nerdy. Simply use the Richter Scale to determine how much damage they have done to their cool. The rebuilding process is typically daunting.
- I was standing 10 ft. away from that woman wearing those non-prescription glasses, and that Nerdquake still nearly knocked me the fuck over.
- His Battlestar Galactica quote caused a 6.9 Nerdquake.
by lance25 September 25, 2014

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