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A nubchub is a short fat thing or person. It is similar to a stub, which is a lump, except round on top and flat on bottom, like a cylinder but round on top. Nubchubs are fatter than nubs or stubs. Nubchubs are also considered short fat people, under 5'6" and over 250lbs.
Ex #1:

Alana: Look at that guy over there!
Eve: Yeah hes so short!
Alana: Fat too!
Eve: He looks like a stub.
Alana: Yeah a fat stub.
Eve: Hes a Nub Chub!

Ex #2:

May: Aww, that silly band looks like a nub!
Thadius: That silly band is just a "D" turned on its flat side.
May: It is sooo a nub.
Thadius: Nooo.

May: Your right its not a nub, its a nubchub!
Thadius: Whatever........
by lanamay7123 August 30, 2010
1. (adj.) Some one being fiesty, or mean.
2. (noun) An important person in your life.
3. (noun) A funny word that is esspecially hilarious when you say it in class when the teacher calls on you because you weren't paying attention.
4. (noun) The shavings of the skin of citrus fruits.
1. Aurora: I hate you! You ate the LAST cookie!

Sam: Calm down you have too much zest!

Aurora: ... *silence*

2. Tatum: Will you flip the panacake when its done?

Paul: Of course my little zest.

3. Teacher: ...that is your litterary devices worksheet, lets work on-- Jacob, what did I just say?!

Jacob: Zest!

Teacher: Noooo, I just talked about your litterary devices.

Jacob: Thats why I said zest!

Teacher: ... *mumbles* stupid child...

4. Vance: Make sure you use those zest shavings over there!

Eve: Alright, alright...
by lanamay7123 December 06, 2010

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